Monday, 9 May 2016

I'm not back.

I've changed my mind. "Why!?!?" I hear you ask, well I have my reasons. I may be back every once in a while but it is unlikely I will do regular posts but if I do a post after this anytime soon, I will ignore anything I mentioned here. Think of this specific post as a non-canon installment to a franchise which was rebooted yesterday but seems to be slowing down again after one day.

Let's play count the managers...

So, Jose Riga has resigned after his second term with us. It is a shame, he is a decent manager as far as I'm concerned but I'm glad he did leave because that means we'll get another manager, that isn't a good thing for the club but it is a good thing to demonstrate just how ridiculously abused Charlton is being treated. Jose Riga, former Millwall player Bob Peeters, Israeli Guy Luzon and Belgian Third Tier level Karel Fraeye and Jose Riga again, that's five new appointments since Roland Douchetelet's takeover and now Riga has left again, we'll get yet another new manager. Some of those managers or, no, Head Coaches sorry were actually okay but only for a short period before continuously losing all of a sudden with no obvious cause, perhaps there's some kind of a curse.

All I know is that this is just ridiculous, I remember all the times I've felt upset being a Charlton supporter before, every season since 2006-07 until 2011-12 then when we lost 2-0 to Sheffield United in the FA Cup quarter-final and Chris Powell got sacked afterwards, then the long slump halfway through 2014-15 but all of those times sound better, not because I know the eventual outcomes but because it feels like I didn't know suffering being a Charlton fan then, compared with this season since the end of August. I feel like Charlton's history has been forever tarnished and... Nyeh, nothing more needs to be said really I guess.

Sunday, 8 May 2016


So, the Charlton protests everyone. Just look what they did to the fan sofa!!

Other then that, a couple of flares and a few match delays, there hasn't been as much media coverage as we would need to directly oust the current regime. I know they weren't after getting the match abandoned yesterday but you know what, maybe we should've been, I doubt what's been done is going to be enough to get rid of them, Meire is already talking about next season which is scary. What I can't believe is that they really think they'll be able to regain our trust after all that's been done and happened.

I feel the only way that at least a small amount of my respect will be regained is if we win League One again, my trust will be regained when Roland actually starts giving us a bit of decent bloody funding. He would do a bit better than breaking even, I can assure you even if we got promoted this season then finished bottom of the Premier League next season, the TV revenue as well as attendances and God knows what else would soar and I can't even begin to imagine how good all this would be for the club but that is now a distant dream and certainly one that doesn't look like happening anytime soon. Then again, I'd love to do a Norwich, getting promoted from League One and then promoted to the Prem the season after, even with these pathetic excuse for owners wouldn't be enough to ruin something incredible like that but these pathetic excuse for owners would never be enough to do something like that anyway. We need new owners.

I got an email on Friday after I signed a petition a while back which said that CARD has received a four-figure funding from Axis, Charlton's old sponsor. Now, I'm not suggesting Axis try and buy the club as much as I'd love that to happen as the chief executive is actually a Charlton fan, because I doubt that'd be very profitable but what I am sort of saying is that Axis should try and appeal directly to Roland, he probably still sees the protesters as insignificant and uncoordinated but if a former and long-time official sponsor was to state dismay at the current regime then it might make progress... or it might do nothing at all and make the company look bad for interfering in football affairs, what do I know.

You've been reading... my pointless ramblings.

I may or may not be back.

What a time we live in, Leicester City have won the Premier League, next you'll be telling me Charlton have been relegated, like that would happen... Oh...

Yep, that's right after my "brief break" of 704 days or 1 year, 11 months and 4 days all it took was for Charlton to be relegated for me to finally make another blog post, yes I am still alive and yes, I am pissed. Off. From the moment it looked like Leicester could very well go on to win the Premier League, I was ecstatic but I felt like their success came at a price, Charlton's relegation. For some reason I felt it was one or the other and really I would always chose an unfancied team to do something amazing like that but Leicester wasn't just an unfancied team, they were 5000/1 to do it and for this season, they became everyone's second favourite team. This is great for the Premier League, great for Football and just great for the world. 

As for Charlton... There's nothing really to be said. It shouldn't be happening, when we won League One back in 2012, things looked like they were at last getting better, even after Chris Powell got sacked, things looked very promising and then this season came. We started well, beating favourites QPR and going 3rd after 4 matches I think it was, but rather than our late-season slump like the Curbishley years, we had a major mid-season slump. Who knows why it happened, there's always supposed to be a reason apparently but all that matters is that I think it doomed us then and there. No, what doomed us were the owners, anyone reading this would probably have to care enough about Charlton to then care what I have to say and if you do care about Charlton then you'll know that "2%" of fans are protesting against mismanagement of the club. Not by the manager but by Katrien Meire, Roland Douchetelet and Richard Murray (yes, the same Richard Murray who's been chairman or had at least some form of connection with the board since the 1990s or 80s), they're all liars. I've backed them longer than most Charlton fans but now no one can support whatever it is they think they're doing. Now you know where I stand on that matter, I'm going to go a bit more in depth about it in my next post.

Correcto, as the title says, I may or may not be making a return to cafc the return and I really regret naming this blog that. So much has happened in the time since I last regularly posted to this blog which is one of the reasons I've avoided coming back to it for so long. So, after my misadventure with the Future's History blog and what feels like ancient history with that Star Trekkin blog, I have come to my senses and returned. 

To the five views likely from vampirestat, I say welcome to what could be cafc the return 2.0, still just could, I haven't decided yet.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

New Blog.

Okay, I'm back from my short-long break, and I've made a new Blog which will not only be about Charlton Athletic, but about other stuff aswell, want to know what that other stuff is, you'll have to check the link below to find out.

Oh, and has anyone seen the new Charlton home kit??

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Brief Break.

Sorry it took me so long to announce it, but I'm going to be taking a short break from the Blog, but when I return, I will not only update the past two Charlton matches (which, did I mention were both wins and this means, we are staying up!!), the reason, in case you're wondering, for why I'm taking a break is because I am absolutely speechless, so until I can find the words to describe my emotions, I'll probably not post anything until then, we finally made it!! More soon... COYR!!

Saturday, 3 May 2014